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Version: 0.3.0



atmoky WebSDK is a highly-optimized spatial audio module for web applications with client-side rendering. Its core is written in WebAssembly for highest performance and rendering quality. The library is designed for smooth integration into the WebAudio API ecosystem.


The atmoky WebSDK is currently in a pre-release stage. We are working on exciting features for the official v1.0.0 release. Those features will be added gradually to the pre-release versions v0.*.* and are likely to require changes on the library's interface. See the Change Log for breaking changes.


  • 💫 3-dimensional spatialization of audio sources
  • 🎧 hyper-realistic binaural rendering engine
  • 🚀 externalizer for out-of-the-head feeling
  • ⏲ no added latency due to client-side rendering
  • 🏘 reverberation for realistic rooms and spaces
  • 🛠 developer tools for real-time adjustments and visualization
    • 📉 attenuation curve designer
    • 🖥 source viewer

Browser support

The atmoky WebSDK is supported in all modern browsers.

  • Chrome/Chromium 66 and higher
  • Firefox 76 and higher
  • Safari 14.1 / Safari iOS 14.5 and higher