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Version: 0.3.0




  • Multi attenuation curves: allows for more than one attenuation curve
    • BREAKING CHANGE: renderer.attenuationCurve was replaced by renderer.attenuationCurves
  • Name properties for sources and attenuation curves
  • Support for BaseAudioContext: the Manager also accepts OfflineAudioContext objects instead of only AudioContext for e.g. offline rendering and/or integration tests
  • Source Gain: overal gain level setter
  • Source Reverb Send: reverb send level setter
  • Chooseable output index for source inputs: the output index of an AudioNode can be chosen when setting it as a Source input
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Source.setInput function signature has changed

v0.2.0 - first pre-release

Developer Tools


  • displays source and attenuation curve names
  • support for multi attenuation curves
  • new head model
  • performance improvements and bug fixes

v0.1.0 - first pre-release